We’re Celebrating Earth Day With a BIG Announcement!

Today on a day where we celebrate people and the planet, Women of Color Collective in Sustainability (WOC/CS) is excited to announce a few new initiatives we’ve been working on for the past few months including:

  1. Our rebranded website!
  2. New brand email hello@woccs.co
  3. New ways for members to get discovered
  4. A seamless new process for hiring companies to attract exceptional talent
  5. New job board

Our two most common requests from members have always been community and job connections! We are monitoring COVID protocols for the potential of in-person gatherings very shortly. For now, we’ve leveled up our job board to meet the needs of our members and create a seamless process for companies wishing to join our global network and support you all.

We continue to receive many stories about the power of WOC/CS connections and wins made possible through one-on-one introductions, requests for partnerships, invitations to podcasts, conferences, and, most importantly, jobs.

What started as a common practice of providing access to job opportunities to WOC/CS members in the form of introductions and job board resources has turned out to be a valuable equity practice for leveling the field for systemically underpaid BIWOC. (i.e requesting transparency in salary and benefits and facilitating one-on-one introductions between members and hiring managers in our network).

It is time to be celebrated, compensated, and given the right tools and resources to succeed from the start!

Join our talent community today and signal if you are in the midst of a job search, career transition, or networking for speaking opportunities. It is free to create a profile, and you will have the ability to choose if and when you want to be discoverable or not by companies that are hiring.

Here are a few benefits and ways to get the most out of being a talented member of the network:

  1. Request one-on-one introductions to companies

Trusted members of the network (including you!) can invite others to join. Members can request introductions directly to companies. All introduction requests require double opt-in to ensure that only quality connections are made.

2. Access jobs and opportunities in the network

Whether you’re actively looking or not, you can always trust that the most up-to-date jobs within the WOC/CS network are posted on the job board — a great way to stay attuned with opportunities in the market at companies and organizations you care about. You will have the ability to favorite jobs and companies that pique your interest.

3. Get discovered by hiring teams in our network

Hiring teams at companies in the WOC/CS talent network can search and discover you based on your skills and interests. If they request to connect with you, we’ll send you an email to see if you’re interested. If yes, skip the line and connect directly with the person responsible for hiring.

4. Keep your profile up-to-date

Careers and professional interests are ever-evolving. Make sure to reflect those changes in your profile, so you only get the most relevant information from us.

In addition to perks for our community, companies and organizations can learn more and subscribe to the various tiers offered through the CHAT program here.

Tier 1 Annual — The Collective Champion

Tier 2 Monthly — The Productive Advocate

Tier 3 — The One-Time Partner



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