Spotlighting Women of Color in Energy

Part 2: Company Leaders

Young Professionals in Energy New York City (YPE NYC) and Women of Color Collective in Sustainability (WOC/CS) are excited to reveal our second collaboration and joint article highlighting women of color running organizations and companies advancing the energy sector.

You can read the full feature on YPE NYC’s website HERE.

About WOC/CS

WOC/CS is a platform and community supporting women of color in building their careers, creating professional success, and advancing their well-being. WOC/CS is one of the few collectives that is 100% dedicated to advancing women of color working in the sustainability industry. We are building the only digital marketplace and community bringing all of the players in the diverse ecosystem together across the sustainability industry and solving the gap of connecting a key demographic in the sector with the organizations and companies that want to support their ideas and projects.

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Young Professionals in Energy New York City is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that facilitates the advancement of young professionals in the energy industry through social, educational, and civic service-oriented events. With over 4,000 members, the organization represents one of the largest energy networks in the tri-state area. We welcome anyone with a direct professional focus on the energy sector to join our diverse and dynamic community.

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Women of Color Collective in Sustainability

WOC/CS pronounced /woke•sīs/ Women of Color Collective in Sustainability. Spotlighting opportunities for collab, connection, resource-sharing and mentorship