DiS and WOC/CS Are Collecting Critical Data to Advance An Inclusive and Sustainable Future

Diversity in Sustainability (DiS) and Women of Color Collective in Sustainability (WOC/CS) released surveys to better understand women of color's experiences in the space and what they need to thrive.

To build a sustainable future that is both representative and supportive of Black, Indigenous, and Womxn of Color (BIWOC) across the globe we believe that collaboration across the globe will be critical to advance the missions of groups, organizations, and communities that center diverse leaders. That is why we are so thrilled to partner with Diversity in Sustainability to collect data that will allow our collective work to advance the climate ecosystem equitably. We view data and insights as a key way to better understand the community we wish to serve.

Both DiS and WOC/CS recently launched surveys that we know will bring all of us one step closer to supporting black and brown communities working to combat and disproportionately affected by climate change. Below is more information about each of these surveys and how you can participate.

EDIS Survey: The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Sustainability Survey

Purpose: To better understand the landscape of equity, diversity, and inclusion within the field of sustainability.

Desired Outcomes: To pinpoint key areas to make the sector of sustainability more inclusive and equitable; to shape the offerings of Diversity in Sustainability

Key research questions include:

  • How diverse are we across race/ethnicity, immigration status, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, social mobility/class, education, religion, political preferences, national origin, disability, neurodiversity, and caregiver status?
  • What barriers to entry are faced in entering the field of sustainability?
  • Have we experienced inclusion and equality within our organizations?
  • How do our organizations support diversity, equity, and inclusion?

Due date and link: You can access the link to the survey here and WOC/CS members have until April 7th to complete the survey.

WOC/CS Members’ Survey

Purpose: To gain a better sense of how to effectively support women of color throughout the sustainability industry through the launch of an official membership for our existing and growing collective? Many of you have asked and we are ready to deliver on the next exciting phase of this community! We are working on a membership model that includes whatever it is YOU all are most excited about i.e. affinity groups, curated content. etc. This is why we want to hear what platform and offerings most excite you right now because let’s be honest there are a lot of options out there. Click this link to fill out our 5-minute survey!

Desired Outcomes: To have greater insight into a potential exciting membership model that includes whatever it is BIWOC are most excited about when it comes to community building i.e. affinity groups, curated content. etc.

Key research questions include:

  • How much do our existing tools (LinkedIn Group, Google Group, newsletter) meet your needs and desires as a sustainability professional?
  • Which options most accurately describe your current (and future) interest in joining a group like WOC/CS? *

Due date and link: You can access the link to the survey here which has a deadline of April 22nd.

How will this information be used?

The research for the EDIS Survey will be aggregated into a research paper to be published in Summer 2021 to be shared with the wider sector. We will look at insights such as breakouts by geography, gender or gender identity, race/ethnicity, sub-industry, etc.

  • Participants can then use the research to connect their personal and professional experiences to global conversations on equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Participants can contribute to the gathering of insights on barriers to professional development and career progression
  • Inform Diversity in Sustainability’s understanding of areas where the sector needs to improve its approach to equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Benchmark their organization against the industry in terms of equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives.
  • Influence the services that Diversity in Sustainability will offer to create more equitable outcomes in the sector

Additionally, the data collected via WOC/CS will be incorporated into the strategy for an initial launch of our first membership offering.

How can participants get involved with DiS?

About DiS

Diversity in Sustainability is a membership network with a vision to build a sustainable and prosperous world through equity and representation. We want to equip current and future Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour sustainability leaders with the skills, networks, and resources to accelerate the transition to a sustainable and just future. We also want to enable the wider sector to be allies to ensure that we create better and more equitable outcomes in sustainability.

Contact information: info@diversityinsustainability.com

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About WOC/CS

WOC/CS is a platform and community supporting women of color in building their careers, creating professional success, and advancing their well-being. WOC/CS is one of the few collectives that is 100% dedicated to advancing women of color working in the sustainability industry. We are building the only digital marketplace and community bringing all of the players in the diverse ecosystem together across the sustainability industry and solving the gap of connecting a key demographic in the sector with the organizations and companies that want to support their ideas and projects.

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Women of Color Collective in Sustainability

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