Announcing The Collective’s West Coast Leads Expanding Our Mission From Coast to Coast

We are so thrilled to announce the two brilliant women who will be spearheading our collective on the West Coast. Following and during Collective Resiliency Summit (#CRS2020), our first-ever global virtual summit we saw an overwhelming response in engagement from those who wanted to become involved in the community including individuals, organizations, and companies. One of the most exciting outreach efforts came from Patty and Maya Henderson, two women of color leaders who were interested in expanding a community like WOC/CS across the country.

Maya and Patty will be instrumental to our growth as we build out and launch officil membership tiers and opportunities for engagement. We are so honored to have them build alongside the larger team. Check out their bios and stories below and stay tuned for all that’s to come in 2020!

Patty Menjivar has experience in program management of sustainability, climate change initiatives, and environmental compliance programs for Fortune 100s and municipal agencies. She is successful in the development, management, and administration of projects that involve multiple stakeholders to facilitate the completion of multiple projects. In order to drive the success, Ms. Menjivar has created tracking systems to ensure budget, schedule, and tasks are monitored accurately by project managers and task owners. As Sustainability Manager, Ms. Menjivar has served as Sustainability Consultant to private firms, State Agencies and Utilities and is an appointed founding member to Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Sustainability Council.

Ms. Menjivar is the Chair of Kleinfelder’s Governance and Sustainability committee and driving Kleinfelder’s global team to set and meet sustainability goals in innovative approaches while applying the triple bottom line and circular economy systems process.

Maya Henderson is a Sustainability Professional with a strong work history in program development and management. She has supported corporate and not-for-profit organizations in their efforts to establish environmental and social responsibility programs that are effectual and enduring. Her passion for strategic planning, human resource development and program management is supported by her ability to be detail-oriented, dynamic, and solution-focused.

She deeply enjoys developing and supporting projects and programs that are intersectional and multi-faceted in nature. She believes in the power of collaboration reinforced by individual hard work and integrity. Due to her insatiable appetite for knowledge, she regularly strives to further her understanding of our eco- and social systems. It is a daily endeavour to leverage her diversified skills, experiences, and learnings to champion change that stimulates holistic well-being.

She currently resides in Auckland, New Zealand where I am exploring opportunities to support the strategic development of a more verdant Aotearoa.



Women of Color Collective in Sustainability

WOC/CS pronounced /woke•sīs/ Women of Color Collective in Sustainability. Spotlighting opportunities for collab, connection, resource-sharing and mentorship